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 GOP Health Care Obstruction Exposed

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PostSubject: GOP Health Care Obstruction Exposed   12/3/2009, 11:44 am

If anyone thought that the GOP was the least bit serious about helping the American people here's the proof that they aren't. A letter from Judd Gregg R-Scumbag is nothing more than a "How to obstruct" guide for Repubs.....

Quote :
We, the minority party, must use the tools we have under Senate rules to insist on a full, complete and fully informed debate on the health care legislation – as well as all legislation – coming before the Senate. As laid out in the attached document, we have certain rights before measures are considered on the floor as well as certain rights during the actual consideration of measures. Every Republican senator should be familiar with the scope of these rights, which serve to protect our ability to speak on behalf of the millions of Americans who depend on us to be their voice during this historic debate.
I hope you find the attached information helpful. If you have any questions, please contact my communications office at 202-224-6011.:
Reading of Amendments and Conference Reports in Entirety – In most circumstances, the reading of the full text of amendments may only be dispensed with by unanimous consent. Any Senator may object to dispensing with the reading. If, as is often the case when the Senate begins consideration of a House-passed vehicle, the Majority Leader offers a full-text substitute amendment, the reading of that full-text substitute amendment can only be waived by unanimous consent. A member may only request the reading of a conference report if it is not available in printed form (100 copies available in the Senate chamber).

Full text @ http://www.c-span.org/pdf/sengreggletter.pdf
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GOP Health Care Obstruction Exposed
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