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 Well, there's no DR. on a forum, Thought I'd ask the Pros

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PostSubject: Well, there's no DR. on a forum, Thought I'd ask the Pros   11/29/2009, 7:01 pm

What is located under the left rib that would cause a feeling of "twisted muscles, so much that you lay back down, hoping and assuming it "goes away?"

It's been happening more frequently daily, rather than sporatic, on the left side, under the rib cage. Sometimes it feels as if the muscle keeps you from moving. What is that? The muscle or organ? Either way, why does it feel, like it is twisting, and you have to stand still until it decides to "untwist"?

Has anyone else experienced this? It started out rarely, but now is a daily occurance, catching me off-gaurd. What could it be?

I have either lay down, or stand stiff until it "drops away". . It sure feels sore lately, but a twisting of organs...never thought of something like that, especially after awakening from a good night's sleep. It feels like a snake smothering whatever the hell is under that left rib cage, then letting go whenever it wants. Enlighten me. I'm not talking about my brain. Just the under the "left rib cage muscle/organ". Don't tell me to look it up. OK Is it an organ or a muscle there playing games on me? Can anyone tell me? I don't want to waste time on a doctor. Unless I'm dying.

It's more fun hearing from real live persons. What the hell is causing this? I'm not talking about just waking up, getting up. I'm talking if I'm raking leaves, washing down counters or sitting on my arse...it just happens. What the heck passes as muscles under the left rib cage that could tie ya up in a ball? Thank ya very much Dr. Phils' out there. Awaiting your opinions.

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Well, there's no DR. on a forum, Thought I'd ask the Pros
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