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 Top ten list of things every progressive should be smiling about.

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PostSubject: Top ten list of things every progressive should be smiling about.   11/26/2009, 8:58 am

Here is Air America's top ten list of things every progressive should be smiling about.

10) A president who can form a coherent sentence, and answer serious questions without a perpetual smirk.

9) Lou Dobbs running for president, disproving the theory that he is a narcissistic, arrogant, entitled demagogue who believes that he is of ultimate importance to everyone in the country.

Cool The Internet, where within minutes we can pull up footage of Rudy Guiliani saying literally the opposite of what he said just several years ago about holding terrorist trials in New York.

7) Ron Reagan, who can keep his cool while speaking to a person accusing President Obama of being a terrorist while the rest of us just smash our heads against the keyboard.

6) China for vaccinating pandas for H1N1, and having the highest credit-card limit on the planet.

5) Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who manage to take mind-numbing-hypocrisy, and turn it into gut-busting-laughter, until Gingrich or Kristol show up and turn it into frantic-channel-changing.

4) Alan Grayson, who is still telling it like it is every single chance he gets. Who wouldn't love to bring that guy to turkey dinner at your conservative in-laws' house?

3) Glenn Beck and DVR, saving you the money and trouble of going out to buy a bottle of Absinthe.

2) Sarah Palin for her new book Going Rogue.

1) Michael Steele, who is probably secretly working for the Democrats.
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PostSubject: Re: Top ten list of things every progressive should be smiling about.   11/26/2009, 11:04 am

Artie, today, there's hardly a difference between Repos' and Demos'. There are good ones and bad ones on both sides.

Today, you don't vote straight on either. Even when you check out the person's character, values, ethics, and experience, once in office they don't always keep their promises. They're not who they really say they are, and that seems to go for everyone in public office.

Greed usually takes over.

I sincerely can say it without feeling bad, that over the years from all the corruption, especially legislature bodies accepting lobbyists' bribes, that the core values in the U.S. Constitution, is simply ignored and abused.

One excellent example is.... why did almost everyone in IL voted for Blag? Everyone thought after Jim Ryan got busted, he promised open gov't, end to patronage jobs, etc. It sounded like a dream, and it was. Everyone fell for it, and now he'll be roomates with the former governor. What was Judy Topinka thinking? She had the last laugh.

How many politicians have screwed up, Repo or Demo? A lot! Our whole political system needs overhauling. Literally. Term limits and the public's right to boot them out of office, once they are found guilty of anything. OUT!

That 92 yr old serving in the Senate? C'mon. Make room for the newbies, fresh out of college...give others a crack at serving the public. 92 years old...that's why we need term limits. You can't tell me that guy is up to date. He probably snoozes during sessions.

Let's just be thankful we can express our opinions and maybe, just maybe, someday the politicians will realize the money at the public "WELL" ran dry. They're all heading the U.S. towards that...and it's not just Obama to blame, it's all the former POTUS, CONGRESS, legislatures and their lobbyists.

We're being duped

Everytime I hear someone say, "Vote'em Out!", it makes me cringe. Why?

Because even if you vote one out, another is there to take their place and repeat the pattern.

The music needs to stop on the musical chairs being played by the politicians.

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Top ten list of things every progressive should be smiling about.
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